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What is Personal Branding? It's an investment in your future!

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard the term “personal branding”. It is more of a feeling than a definition, but "personal branding" is essentially marketing YOU! Your brand is what people say about you when you’re no longer in the room. It's imperative that you make an attempt to guide that! The impact you can make online, is greatly enhanced with the use of authentic branding images. The most effective photography for you will be very different than the best photography for another.

How Personal Branding Photography can grow your business...

Investing in professional photography is necessary if you want your visuals to play a role in how your brand is perceived. We shop with our eyes, and more times than not, we make decisions based on our first impressions. Purchasing, many times, is more of an emotional decision, than a practical one. Your personal branding is about influencing the way consumers perceive you, your business, and your product. Therefore, personal branding photography can have a very positive impact on your business.

Personal Branding Photography is an investment

Using authentic photography to reinforce your personal brand is an excellent way to take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain. Having a library of authentic and varied images to pull from, will save you time and money in the long run. You won't need to schedule and attend a photo session each time you have a new photography need. You will not be at the mercy of a photographer or their timeline in order to select just the right image for the article you were just selected to be featured in.

Refreshing your profile photos every few months will keep you up front and in the consumer's mindset. Using the same profile image across all media platforms will ensure that you are easily recognized throughout all of your marketing strategies.

Maximize your investment

People perfer doing business with real people. When you put a face with a name, you are creating a sense of comfort and trust. At the very least, you will want to have a staple headshot within your landing page, sales page, and/or website. You will want to keep your headshot fresh and current. Consumers are more likely to contact a business with a headshot vs. one without.

Personal branding photography tells a story about you and your business. Place authentic images in posts on social media platforms... Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Posts that include an image receive an average of 150% more visibility and engagement than those without.

Attach them to your email signature, in blogging posts, or use on your business card, to help people remember who you are. People are more likely to remember your face even if they fail to recall your name.

Place in newsletters, brochures, mailers and other print marketing pieces to promote products and events.

Utilize them in press releases, which is an excellent (free) way to get potential media coverage for an upcoming announcement or event.

Don't tell them, show them...

The key is to not just tell them who you are, show them! Show them what it is like to work with you and what results they can expect if they do business with you. Personal branding photography is a powerful tool that can have a substantial impact on your business. It’s about learning the power of quality images and leveraging that power to promote your brand.